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People have asked for guidance in the process of using the mp3s in the right-hand column.  Here are some step-by-step instructions for transferring the meditation mp3s to your ipods and computers.

If you want to save it directly to iTunes here are the directions:
  1. Right click on the mp3 link
  2. Choose the option to "Save Target As"
  3. Go through the drop-down menu while you're "Saving Target As" and select these folders:
  • My Documents
  • My Music
  • iTunes
  • iTunes Library
This will drop the mp3 directly into your iTunes library. If you have a lot of music and can't find the file immediately, choose the "Recently Added" option on the left hand side of your iTunes library screen. The mp3(s) should be at the top.

If you don't have iTunes or want to save it in a different fashion, just choose "Save Target As" and save it wherever it is most convenient for you. (Desktop, C Drive, etc.) This way, they can be opened in any media player that you use (iTunes, Real Player, Windows Media Player).

Files can also be downloaded to locations such as the desktop and then dragged into an open iTunes window, which will give you the same end result as putting them in your iTunes library in the first place.

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