Study Group Updates

At our next meeting of the Mindfulness and Psychotherapy Study Group, our guest will be Delany Dean, J.D., Ph.D. Delany is a psychologist in Kansas City who has been writing a great blog and website on mindfulness in psychology. She recently developed a Mindfulness Based Wellness program at Avila University, and she offers mindfulness based therapies in her private practice. We're really honored to have her visit with us while she is in Chicago presenting a poster at a conference.

Before the meeting on May 23, let's read this Baer (2003) review article about the uses of mindfulness training in therapeutic contexts. I'm also putting up a similar (but less technical) review paper (Mace, 2007) for you to peruse.

Finally, following up on our discussion last month, Laurie sent along this paper (Davisdon, et al, 2003) on the effect of mindfulness on brain function. Please enjoy your reading!

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Delany Dean, JD, PhD said...

Thanks, Roger! I'm very much looking forward to the Study Group meeting. And I promise to do my homework; I had not seen the Mace paper before now...

But: I did meet Chris Mace at a retreat at IMS in January (he sat right behind me throughout the retreat!). Very interesting guy; he also has a new book out called Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, or something very similar to that...