Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Class Begins February 23

We can all relate to the idea of being "stressed out." Whether caused by relationships, work, or illness, stress takes a very real toll on our minds and bodies. So when we cannot eliminate external sources of stress, we must find a different, healthier way to relate to them. And the practice of mindfulness is such a way.

The practice of mindfulness is the practice of being present---truly, intentionally, and nonjudgmentally present---with experiences as they unfold. Through the practice of mindfulness, we make a decision to engage with life, developing a greater appreciation for and enjoyment of everyday experiences that might otherwise be minimized or missed. Mindfulness practice also offers us tools to cope with difficult or challenging experiences. We use mindfulness practice to center ourselves and create serenity and stability in the midst of emotional turmoil. Mindfulness develops our cognitive and emotional adaptability & flexibilty, allowing us to respond more skillfully to the challenges we face, rather than reacting reflexively in ways that are both unproductive and compound our stress.

In our Mindfulness & Stress Reduction course, students will learn the fundamentals of formal mindfulness practice, including mindful breathing, body scan, sitting meditation, and walking meditation. The class also encourages informal practice by helping students bring nonjudgmental attention to everyday experiences. The class will focus on using mindfulness to develop a healthier relationship with experiences that cause chronic or acute stress. Each class is composed of a brief educational lecture, group mindfulness practice, and an opportunity to process experiences in the class and discuss ways in which students have applied mindfulness in their everyday lives.

Integrative Health Partners’ Mindfulness and Stress Reduction begins on Tuesday, February 23 and runs for 8 consecutive Tuesday evenings, from 7-8:30pm. The class is held in downtown Chicago, at 180 North Michigan Avenue.

Please contact Becca Meyer at (312) 372-2880 or meyer@integrativehealthpartners.org if you are interested in registering for the course or if you have any questions. There's also more information on our website.

-Becca Meyer, Psy.D.

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Oli Doyle said...

Hi guys,
great looking site. It is great to see more and more health professionals teaching mindfulness based approaches, it is really becoming flavour of the month in Australia. It is such a simple, effective and side-effect free way to deal with painful thoughts and feelings.

Thanks for your work,
Oli Doyle
Peace Through Mindfulness