Is Mindful Eating Right for You?

Starting March 3, 2010, we will be offering another course in Mindful Eating (for those of you in the Chicago area). We developed these classes to help people who feel caught in compulsive eating or dieting patterns, and who want to find their way to a more natural and satisfying relationship with food. You might be asking yourself, Are mindful eating classes the right approach for me? To find out, try considering these statements:
  • I sometimes binge or eat compulsively
  • I’ve tried restrictive diets and they don’t work for me
  • I know I sometimes eat because of stress or emotional needs
  • I’d like to feel less guilty about my eating and my weight
  • It would be easier to deal with my eating if I could manage my stress better
  • I want to learn to eat in a way that nourishes and respects my body
  • I really value health and wellness, and would be willing to spend a half hour a day to develop this area of my life
  • I’ve been interested in meditation, yoga, or tai chi
  • I have a spiritual side
  • I’d like to develop more patience, acceptance, and forgiveness
  • I’ve been able to apply myself to activities that require home practice, like music lessons, workouts, or schoolwork
  • I would like to give and receive help with others in my situation
  • I’m open to taking a new approach to eating
The more you agreed with these statements, the more likely you are to find mindful eating classes helpful. For more information, call Dr. Mary Connors at 312-372-5501, or visit our website.

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