Mindful Parenting

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One of the topics for the December 18 meeting of our Study Group in Mindfulness and Psychotherapy will be Mindful Parenting, with a presentation by Jacqueline Herbstman, LCSW.   

It's hard to think of a situation in which Mindfulness might be more important - and more helpful - than in the parent-child relationship.  From our clinical practice, we know a lot about the positive effects of a nonjudgmental, attentive presence on children's sense of well being, attachment, and self-esteem.  Being with another, without distraction, is really what we mean when we talk about "quality time."  It's the basis of intimacy in any relationship.

Here are some research reports about mindfulness in the perinatal period (Duncan, 2009), and about mindfulness in parenting relationships (Coatsworth, 2009 and Macdonald, 2008). 
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