Mindfulness and Psychotherapy Study Groups

Group photo in front of Clark University Sigmu...Image via Wikipedia In September, we will be starting a new year of our study group in mindfulness and psychotherapy.  Last year, we had a very stimulating series of discussions, and I'm looking to more of the same this year. Since several more therapists have expressed interest in joining a study group, I'm thinking of offering two different sections to accommodate people's interests.

Knowledge and Skills in Mindfulness Based Therapies.  This section will focus on readings and case discussion in ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and other MBTs (Mindfulness Based Therapies).  We will emphasize therapeutic principles, learning specific interventions, clinical conceptualization, and discussion of ongoing therapy cases.  This section might be most useful to  therapists who have already established a personal mindfulness practice.  Many of last year's participants may well be most interested in this section.

Mindfulness Practice and Psychotherapy.  This section will address the same issues as the one above, but with a greater emphasis on fundamental principles of mindfulness, and more direct support in developing your mindfulness as a therapist.  This might be the best choice for therapists who want to establish their personal mindfulness practice.

Both groups will meet at my downtown office once a month, on Friday mornings, 10:00-11:30am, beginning in September (probably the 19th or 26th - there is some flexibility about the details).  Tuition is $35 per meeting, and all members are asked to be financially responsible for any missed meetings.  I expect that, soon after starting, we'll close the enrollment, so that we can have a stable membership and the richest possible dialog. 

Please contact me by email or phone (312-263-8034) if you are interested in either group, and we can talk more about the best course to take.  Thanks for your interest!

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